Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 23--Dec 2009

After the bowl resection surgery at the beginning of September, things were going great with Colin. He still wasn't eating anything by mouth, but we were working on that with a physical therapist, and starting putting puree foods through the tube. He handled it very well. He was also able to sit up and support himself which was a huge step for him. Just sitting up at 8 months old, he was very behind, but we were getting somewhere finally!
About half way through November, Colin started not being able to hold any food down. I tried many things to see if there was just certain foods he wasn't handling and what not. I reduced his food down to solely formula and he was still throwing up every feed. I talked to UCSF and they told me that I needed to take him to the ER and have an x-ray done of his chest.
I took him to the ER, and the x-ray showed that he had in fact reherniated. We went straight that same night back to UCSF to have another surgery.
He is still currently at UCSF recovering from his surgery. He is doing very well, but they are waiting on him to handle full feeds before they let him come home. He spiked a 102 degree fever after surgery and was on morphine for the first two days. Thanksgiving Day was probably the worst for him because he was completely lethargic and not aware of what was going on around him. We missed him on his first Thanksgiving. We wished SO much that he was with us.

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